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Act II Butter Pepper Popcorn 63 g


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Act II Popcorn

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About Act II Butter Pepper Popcorn 63 g

Popcorn is a stomach filling, fiber-containing snack available in different flavors in the market. One variant of ACT II is an Act II Butter Pepper Popcorn, instant popcorn which is an indigenously developed premix of popping corn, oil and seasoning with a taste of pepper, that can be easily made in a thick bottomed pan or cooker at home within 3 minutes. Because of the taste and the convenience of preparing them at home, the Act II Butter Pepper Popcorn is economically priced and is a great value for money. Each pack of Instant Act II Butter Pepper Popcorn gives two bowls full of popcorn for you to enjoy. Act II Butter Pepper Popcorn is high in dietary fibers, rich in great tasting, crunchy and yummy snack. Act-II Butter Pepper Popcorn is one of the warm, healthy & nutritious snacks, easy to prepare within minutes that brings great fun to share with children, family and friends. The presence of butter light buttery taste with little pepper in it makes it little spicy sometimes kids just like to enjoy this taste. ACT II Butter Pepper Popcorn has only 25-30 calories/cup and less than one gram of fiber. ACT II Butter Pepper Popcorn with an improved nutritional value contains zero trans-fat. A 100 to 200 calories snack, like a few cups of ACT II popcorn, eaten 2 to 3 hours before a meal can take the edge off your hunger and keep you from overeating



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