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Act II Microwave Popcorn Butter Flavour 33 g


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Act II Popcorn

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About Act II Microwave Popcorn Butter Flavour 33 g

ACT II is an amazing stuff to fill your stomach with. ACT II popcorns include different flavors which are best in taste and good in keeping your stomach light. ACT II has got many types of popcorn products which can be made instantly and are available in various different flavors. ACT II Classic Salted, ACT II Golden Sizzle, ACT II Chilli Surprise, ACT II Butter Delite, ACT II Tomato Chilli and ACT II Butter Pepper are the different flavors available to increase your taste buds. ACT II's Microwave Butter Flavored Popcorn has got the real fragrance of microwave popcorn. The ingredients used here are popping corn, edible vegetable fat, and iodized salt, butter and natural colour. Easy to cook ready to eat!! Act II Microwave Popcorn gives you the best company especially when you are watching movies, having fun with your families and friends. Buy Act II Microwave Popcorn and experience the real amaze of different flavors by sitting at your home with your family.



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