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Amul Shrikhand Elaichi 500 g


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About Amul Shrikhand Elaichi 500 g

Experience the taste of Amul Shirkhand Elaichi. Amul Shirkhand is the only pasteurized Shrikhand available in the country .Amul Shirkhand Elaichi is made from fresh curd, cream and sugar along with added flavor of elaichi. Amul Shrikhand Elaichi has low fat content with about 40 percent of sugar. It is very pure and is processed in a hygienic environment. It has excellent taste along with smooth texture and is prepared maintaining quality standard and hygiene. Amul Shirkhand Elaichi is pasteurized before packing so that the product stays protected from bacteria .It is very rich in taste due to its elaichi flavor. Amul Shrikhand is available in suitable to use cups .It is available in different packs based on quantity. If you are heading for a picnic, or want to surprise your guests and family on special occasions but have very few time in hand for preparation bring Amul Shirkhand Elaichi as it is very easy to make. Amul Shirkhand does not contain any artificial flavor, synthetic color or preservatives. It is a made up of total natural ingredients so that you don't have to compromise over original taste. .Amul Shirkhand Elaichi is very affordable and easily available in the market, and retail shops.


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