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Appy Fizz 500 ml


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About Appy Fizz 500 ml

How about having a drink that is amazingly satisfying in taste and uber cool in looks? Welcome to the world of Appy Fizz from the house of Parle Agro. This beverage made with carbonated apple juice brings in the market the taste of apples in this refreshingly new avatar. Coming from the company that introduced sparkling fruit juice in India, this beverage also of the same kind forms a great alternative to the aerated drinks available.

The best part is you can guzzle down this chilled out drink anywhere any time. With this you can quench your thirsty throat, have a relaxing time at home or can even party with your friends. Infact, Appy Fizz's unique taste and texture makes it a great option for hanging out with friends. For non-alcoholic people this sparkling drink is the best option to have a chilled out time with friends. No wonder this drink has managed to woo the youth so well.The packaging is another great feature associated with this Parle beverage that issure to allure the buyers towards it. The champagne shaped bottle sports a cool label and exudes a youthful mood that is sure to appealthe young generation. The package is apt for out of home consumption and the trendy outlook is tailor-made to make a fashion statement.

Nutrition Facts
Appy Fizz is not only delightful in taste but owing to its content has a healthy effect as well. From this drink made with choicest apples one can thus derive the goodness that features in the fruit apple itself. In every 100 ml serving of this drink one can get approximately energy 57 Kca, protein 0.5 g, carbohydrate 13.6 g, sugar 13.2 g, fat 0.2 g, vitamin C 5.2mg, calcium 24 mg and potassium 20 mg.


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