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Ariel Oxyblu Deep Cleaning Detergent 2 kg


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About Ariel Oxyblu Deep Cleaning Detergent 2 kg

Ariel Oxyblu deep cleaning is a revolutionary product, made by P&G, for the new age citizen, keeping in mind your specific requirements. This path breaking product ensures that you don't get bogged down with the daily mundane routine of doing your laundry, checking for stubborn stains, re-cleaning it etc. Made with a completely new formula after years of research, it aims to eliminate the toughest of stains, while being extremely gentle on your clothes. Whether it be ink stains or grease, food stains or dirt, Ariel oxyblu with its deep cleaning technology goes right to the core of the problem, fighting the stain without damaging your fabric so that you get a clean and hygienic experience after every wash. It has been engineered to be just as efficient, even at temperatures ranging from 30°C -15°C. Ariel oxyblu deep cleaning comes with spring-clean technology that ensures your clothes come out of the laundry smelling clean and fresh. So now you get the benefits of a world-class detergent and pleasing conditioner all in one product. Whatever be the load or washing cycle, Ariel oxyblu deep cleaning with Spring-clean will work its magic, leaving you completely worry and laundry


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