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Axe Dark Temptation After Shave 100 ml


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Axe Dark Temptation

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About Axe Dark Temptation After Shave 100 ml

Axe Dark Temptation Aftershave is as tempting as the choco-rich chocolate and cream merged in a sensual and provocative fragrance, which is irresistible. You can be energized every time with Axe Dark Temptation Aftershave. The most deliciously sweet smell of chocolate is now infused with the clear crispness of an aftershave in the new Axe Dark Temptation Aftershave. The chocolate and cream flavor not only imparts character to the aftershave but also increases the skin softening factors of the aftershave. Axe is the brand owned by the British/Dutch Company Unilever and is marketed for the young males offering the male grooming products. Axe's lead product is the fragranced aerosol deodorant body spray, along with other personal care products. Axe Dark Temptation Aftershave combines the subtle aroma of chocolate with fresh gourmet scents, which includes hot chocolate amber and red peppercorn to bring the modern seductive fragrance. It provides a feel good, on top of the things inserting full confidence in the modern man. Axe dark temptation aftershave is a pleasant and cool scent, which stays longer throughout the day. The product does not have any rash or allergen effect, and is very light and pleasant to use. Axe Dark Temptation has the right combination of ingredients to make a perfect day.



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