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Bisleri Mineral Water 2 Ltr


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About Bisleri Mineral Water 2 Ltr

brand that has pioneered the concept of healthy mineral water in India since 1962, with its distinct green label, Bisleri, today, is a household name. Studies reveal that mineral water is one of the healthiest and most beneficial types of bottled water and daily consumption can successfully help boost the immune system. Every sip of Bisleri mineral water leaves you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. To ensure optimum quality the mineral water is prepared under expert supervision, at state of the art facilities. Every single drop of mineral water flowing into a Bisleri bottle has to pass through an extensive purification process, consisting of ozonising the water to remove bacteria and fungi; thereafter using the Sand fliter to remove all coarse impurities (up to 30 microns in size) ;after which the Carbon is utilized to neuter any colour or odour present in the water; followed by an extensive reverse osmosis session to get rid of even the minutest of impurities. The water is ozonised once more to prevent any contamination during bottling. Experience the sweet and refreshing taste mineral water, every time you sip into a bottle of Bisleri.


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