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10 Reasons Why You Will Love Online Grocery Shopping with eBZaar

10 Reasons Why You Will Love Online Grocery Shopping with eBZaar


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Who wants to go to the market after coming from a hectic day at work?  May be, this is the single most reason why online shopping was invented! Over the years, the digital space has been occupied with online shopping websites for electronics, mobile and fashion. However, there are people hard at work changing this market scenario with new digital solutions for everyday consumer problems.

Well, eBZaar is here for the same reason, to serve you and make your life easy while shopping for grocery online. Read on to know how eBZaar connects the real world to the online customer. Here are 10 reason why shopping at eBZaar is fun.

1. Easy Weasy: No matter how many hurdles are thrown your way during office working hours, but you can simply click on the website and be rest assured that all your requirement from vegetables to spices, will be home delivered. . You don’t need to queue up in supermarkets or spend time bargaining with local shop vendors

2. Shopping from your own supermarket: eBZaar brings you handpicked supermarkets. These are real world well known stores and most likely you have known their names or heard about them from family and friends in your neighbourhood. We handpick stores trusted by thousands of families, to ensure you get quality products every single time when you buy grocery online.

3. Prices on your finger tips: Gone are the days when you had to look around different isles to check for prices of different brands of floor cleaners, shampoos or even atta and ghee. All price information is easily available side by side to check and compare. And unlike a phone call, here you do not have to inquire about prices of your long list of items.

4. Discounts & Sale: Well, clothing is not the only place where you will find off-season or End of Season Sale. When you shop for grocery online with eBZaar,  you get discounts and offers all around the year, along with assurance of quality products from your own real world stores.

5. Convenient: Have you had to  delay your grocery shopping, as you are stuck in an important project in office and were late to home for days? Your favourite store was always shut by the time you were home? With eBZaar, your favourite store is available 24X7 and at a click. Plus we will deliver whenever and wherever, as per your convenience. Get delivery even at your office if you want!

6. Get Rid of Luggage: Indeed, you (or the husband!) is not a porter. Why do the heavy lifting carrying your grocery bags home? eBZaar is here to make your online grocery shopping convenient by delivering your grocery bags right to your home

7. Free Shipping: Ouch, did you pinch yourself! You read it right, we deliver free – all you have to do is shop for groceries online for as little as Rs. 250. What’s more, eBZaar provides all day delivery –no matter what’s the season, your need is our reason, to deliver your order at the time slot you selected on check out. Even if it rains hard or sun is shining brighter, we will make sure that you will never be out of your grocery items. So, cook, eat and be happy!.

8. Easy Returns: eBZaar has a no questions asked Returns Policy. If ever you did not like the product (though we take every care to ensure that your store delivers the best quality of products) or just changed your mind, send the product back at the time of delivery. So convenient and simple!

9. Wide Assortment of Best Brands: you don’t have to worry about not getting your favourite spices, because we will bring all that you have been using to cook your food for years. No change or compromise is accepted even when you are buying grocery online.

10. eBZaar Promise: We do not levy any hidden charges, all prices are totally transparent and always prominently displayed on screen. Trust us when you shop for grocery online  and we at eBZaar won’t disappoint you. 

And if this is not enough, you can pay by cash, card or even meal vouchers like Sodexo or Ticket Restaurant coupons; not only that eBZaar will surprise you every once in a while with gread deals, coupons and freebies too.

So go ahead and get yourself a world of convenience in your grocery shopping routine. If you ever got a question, dial the eBZaar grocery helpline at +91 9833 99 6502 or write to us at