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Cadbury Hot Chocolate 200 g


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About Cadbury Hot Chocolate 200 g

Cadbury India, which is a subsidiary of the Kraft Foods, which operates throughout the country manufacturing chocolate, confectionary, beverages, biscuits, gum and candy. Cadbury began its operations in India from the year 1948, and today it has more than 70% market share in the chocolate category. Cadbury also pioneered cultivation and research on cocoa in India, and in fact, the cocoa tree in India is often referred to as the Cadbury tree as well.
Cadbury hot chocolate is an instant hot chocolate beverage, which is intensely rich in chocolate and very creamy. This hot chocolate drink is increasingly becoming popular in the country and can now be easily found in the kitchens all over. Use this hot chocolate to make a cold chocolate milk shake or use it as add on, for your cold coffee in summer or a warm hot chocolate drink during winters.
Cadbury hot chocolate comes in a solid container, with the characteristic purple colour of the Cadburys. Drinking chocolates are not instant as hot cocoa. They must be mixed with hot milk, cream, or water so that it mixes and melts making the drink tastier, thicker and richer.



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