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Camay Classic Soap 125 g


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About Camay Classic Soap 125 g

Camay Soaps, in India are marketed and manufactured by the Nirma Consumer Care. In 2002, Nirma obtained the license of the trademark Camay from Procter and Gamble home products (PGHP). Camay soaps are a globally popular brand for toilet soaps, which were advertised as "The soap of beautiful women" for a long time. Globally these soaps are a product of the Procter & Gamble (P&G) and were launched in India in 1993. Camay derives its name from the French word Camee, which means Cameo, or a jewel. Camay classic is a pink coloured bar shaped bathing soap. It is very soft on the skin and is scented as well, which makes you feel fresh for a longer duration of time. This soap is designed, and specially formulated so that it can be used daily and makes you feel refreshed for a long duration of time. After a bath with Camay classic, the skin feels soft and mesmerizing. Also known for its long lasting aroma, this soap is indeed for all the beautiful women.


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