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Cinthol Cool Cooling Deo Soap 3 X 125 g


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About Cinthol Cool Cooling Deo Soap 3 X 125 g

Stay cool and fresh this Summer, use the super cool Cinthol Cool Cooling Deo Soap. The best ever perfumed soap that protects you the whole day long. This deo soap is mainly meant to protect you from the bad odor and germs that you get captured by very often, once you are out of your house. To experience the cool feeling while bathing and to remain fresh use Cinthol Cool Cooling Deo Soap. Stay deodorized the entire day. The perfume in the soap is a blend of various compounds of essential oils along with fragrance. Overall this combined compound and fragrance produces a nice smell to the environment and on your body. The cooling deo soap is basically a product from the very popular brand 'Cinthol' which is mostly known and used because of its premium quality stuffs.


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