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Close Up Fire Freeze Toothpaste 80 g


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Close Up Toothpaste

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About Close Up Fire Freeze Toothpaste 80 g

Oral heath is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy body and who better than Close Up; one of the most youthful, energetic and largest selling brand of all to do this. Keeping this sentiment in mind all Close Up products are designed to be at par with the needs of the current generation, while keeping in mind our core values at Unilever. The Close Up fire freeze toothpaste is one such product. Presented in an attractive and youthful packaging, brushing with the red and blue gel offers an experience quite unlike any other toothpaste. Fire-Freeze first delivers a gentle, warm tingle while it cleans, thanks to some advanced chemosensory technology. The heat is generated from a blend of aromatic spices and wintergreen. Next comes a blast of icy, minty freshness, a sensation Unilever scientists were determined to make last long after brushing. Also present is an anti-malodour component which provides up to 12 hours of fresh breath, ensures the cool feeling lasts for hours. Add to all this a blend of menthol, peppermint and vanilla, this unforgettable flavour just never ends. It is a 100% vegetarian product and is manufactured in state of the art facilities at Unilever, giving you the best possible experience, every time you use a Close Up toothpaste.


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