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Equal Sweetener Tablets 100 Tabs


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About Equal Sweetener Tablets 100 Tabs

Equal is a brand of artificial sweetener containing aspartame, dextrose and maltodextrin. It is marketed as a tabletop sweetener by Merisant. Equal tablets may also contain lactose. Equal Sweetener is rich in aspartame, which is recommended for those who are diabetic. Equal Sweetener is a sugar supplement that can be added to all foods. It is considered as a boon to all diabetic patients. The Equal Sweetener has a low glycemic index compared to normal sugar and that is the main reason why it is recommended for diabetic patients. Equal Sweetener is an artificial sugar supplement that is used even in the products of Pepsico and Coca-cola. This Equal Sweetener keeps your insulin level low, and at the same time you will not feel unenergetic. The Equal Sweetener can be used even in sweets and candies that are prepared at home, where your health is taken care of without any compromise to your taste buds. If you are highly diet conscious and are worried about maintaining your fitness at any cost, Equal sweeteners can come to your rescue by giving you the best of health and taste! So replace your sugar with Equal Sweeteners and enjoy a sweetness equal to that of sugar, in a lesser calorific value.



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