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Frooti Mango Pet Bottle 600 ml


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About Frooti Mango Pet Bottle 600 ml

Frooti Mango Drink is the largest selling Mango drink in India. Frooti Mango Drink is the most successful drink offered by Parle-Agro Pvt. Ltd. Frooti Mango Drink contains mango pulp, water, sugar, citric acid, ascorbic acid, salts, and approved coloring and flavoring. Frooti mango Drink is launched in a new hygienic hotfil PET bottle, making it the first mango drink to be offered in the pet bottle. Frooti Mango drink has been popular for years among children. Frooti Mango drink gives you energy and boosts your body and keeps you active for the day. Frooti Mango drink gives natural taste of mango and makes you feel like eating a mango. Frooti Mango drink is available in a cute small pack, which is handy and it is also affordable. Frooti Mango Pet Bottle has become the favorite drink among children. Frooti Mango Pet Bottle is handy and it can be used while traveling. Frooti Mango Pet Bottle comes in a nicely packed bottle that assures us of the tasty and also the hygiene of the drink is also taken care. Frooti Mango Pet bottle is highly preferred in birthday parties, weddings etc. Frooti mango Pet Bottle is the best compliment that you can have while you are traveling which can make you feel energetic and refreshed.



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