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Get Baked Crunch Rocks Chocolate No Added Sugar & Pudina Oat Granola 3x450 gm

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Get Baked
Get Baked

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About Get Baked Crunch Rocks Assorted Pack 3 Flavours Oat Granola 3x450 gm

The pack contain 3 flavours, namely: Chocolate, No Added Sugar & Pudina Oat Granola, each of 450 gm weight.Get Baked Crunch Rocks are bit sized healthy snacks & crafted in small batches using plentiful oats, & only the very best nuts & seeds. Each batch of Get Baked Crunch Rocks are baked slowly, to give it the Signature Crunch that our customers have come to know & love. You can be assured that the crunch rocks you are buying are made in a kitchen & not in a factory. Get Baked is also available in 125 stores across India. Important information: * Product contains almonds, walnuts, pumpkin, sunflower & chia seeds. * 100% natural & preservative free * Sustained energy release * Rich in protein in fibre You can buy Get Baked Crunch Rocks on as also chose from thousands of other products from our online grocery and households range.

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