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About Britannia Good Day Choco Nut Cookies 75 g

Britannia Good Day Choconut Cookies are a one of best cookies manufactured and marketed by Britannia. Britannia good day choconut cookies have all the goodness and taste of chocolates with the crunchiness of nuts. Where else would you find such a lovely combination of such unique and innovative ingredient's but Britannia good day choco nut cookies. The baked goodness of dough compliments the exquisite nuttiness and crunch of the nuts and finally flavored by fine chocolates, the Britannia good day choconut cookies are a treat to even a connoisseur's taste buds. One of the finest producers of baked goods, Britannia was established in 1892 at a small place known as Calcutta (now Kolkata). Armed with an investment of just Rs.295 and the will to succeed, Britannia did begin with the dream of being the best in baking industry. With the onset of the electrical revolution, Britannia mechanised its operations and in 1921, it was the first company in India to use imported gas ovens. Ever since, business at Britannia flourished, but more importantly, Britannia began to gain a worldwide reputation for its unbeatable quality and value. So try our range of Britannia good day choconut cookies and experience the pleasure that your taste buds always deserved.


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