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Britannia Treat

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About Britannia Treat Pineapple 145 g

Enjoy a creamy treat that delights you with the Pineapple flavour of it. Have bites on the delicious Britannia Treat Pineapple. Open your mouth wide to fill your stomach with the tasty bites. Made especially for kids of all ages, this is Britannia's much-loved range of cream goodies - Britannia Treat! Launched in 2002, Treat's been wowing the country in all shapes, sizes, flavours and forms for over 10 years now, earning the rightful place as market favorite for as long too! Britannia Industries Limited is the leading Biscuit company in India. They are in their business for the past 90 years. They produce an entire range of biscuits & cookies. As part of their exports, they are keen to build a market for their products in your Country.


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