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Adidas Deo

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About Adidas Dynamic Pulse Deo Spray 150 ml

Introduced in the year of 1997, Adidas Dynamic Pulse Deo Spray is very popular for its fresh scent of citrus, cedar, and mint with low tones of sweet fruits, fragrant woods, and tonka bean. Dynamic Pulse Deo Spray is one of the product which Adidas embellish the man who is enough bold to take chances. The fragrance of Adidas Dynamic Pulse Deo Spray triggers the adrenaline from the adventures around the world set the pulse racing, even if your mind tells you to stick to the boundaries, but your heart urges you to push it some more. Adidas Dynamic Pulse Deo Spray smoothes out the edges even as it sets you on an edge in a well-balanced mixture of deeply masculine and light, airy accords of the choicest of ingredients. Adidas Dynamic Pulse Deo Spray provides you with 24-hour protection with a refreshing fragrance. You feel like enveloped in an aura of cool sensations as the product contains Adidas patented cool tech technology. The slightest presence of moisture ensures to reactivate you in experiencing jolts of freshness throughout the day. A dynamic pulse deodorant spray that gives you a quality life with sparkle, it could be your constant travel companion during those long days you spend on the road learning. Spray on some liquid dynamism on your throbbing pulse and you are good to go.


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