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Boro Plus

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About Boro Plus Badam & Milk Cream Moisturising Lotion 300 ml

Boro Plus Badam & Milk Cream Moisturizing Lotion is a unique, advanced moisturizing formula that pnetrates deep into the skin and heals dry skin from inside. It forms a 'moisture shield' on your skin by replenishing the moisture, which leaves you with nourished,smooth, soft and healthy skin. It is enhanced with natural goodness of pure malai, saffron, rosewater, and badam. Its main ingredients
are extracts of Chandan (sandalwood) 1 g, Nimba (lemon) 1 g, Ghritkumari (aloe vera) 1 g, Tulasi (basil) 0.40 g, Haridra (turmeric) 0.30 g, Hriber 0.50 g, Khadir (part of acacia tree) 0.150 g, Kumud
(white lily) 0.150 g, Gulab jal (rose water) 1 g, Malai (milk cream) 0.10 g, Grape seed oil 0.10 g, Olive oil 0.10 g, Badam tel (almond oil) 0.05 g, Kesar (saffron) 0.005 g, Tankan amla (boric acid) 0.80 g and Base Qs and so it is made of natural ingredients and is 100% vegetarian. Apply it all over the body, morning and night. A preventive, curative and healing Ayurvedic lotion for dry skin diseases, wounds, minor cuts, cold sores and chapped skin. So try our Boro Plus Badam & MilkCream Moisturizing Lotion today!


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