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Clean & Clear Facewash

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About Clean & Clear Morning Energy Brightening Berry Face Wash 100 ml

Get to freshen up your skin with the goodness of natural Berry, wash your face with Clean & Clear Morning Energy Brightening Berry Face Wash. The gentle face wash contains natural extracts of Strawberry, and its unique formula is enriched with soft BURSTING BEADS® that gently burst with an energizing fragrance on your skin and let you experience a new wave of freshness every morning. Clean & Clear believes that the beauty comes from being confident, comfortable and secure in your own skin. They believe that your skin is unique and that your skin care needs are constantly changing. They believe that the more you know about managing your skin, the better it will look. They also believe that getting noticeably clearer, more beautiful skin, you'll become a more beautiful you. And they believe that they can help.


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