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Clear Ice Cool Menthol

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About Clear Anti Dandruff Ice Cool Menthol Shampoo 170 ml

Stay cool and free of Dandruff, use Clear Anti Dandruff Ice Cool Menthol Shampoo. Its an unique hair care with ideal foruni sex. Fortified with the ingredients like Menthol, Minerals and Nutrients. Daily use of Clear Anti Dandruff Ice Cool Menthol Shampoo Provides extra nourishment for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. Helps in removing dryness which is the root cause of dandruff. Clear is Unilever's leading anti dandruff shampoo brand. Since it's first launch in 1972, in Asia the Clear formulation has continuously evolved with intensive research and clinical trials conducted by scientists at the Clear Paris Institute. With a constant focus on leading edge technology, Clear is pegged as the world's leading scalp care shampoo. Clinical research shows that dandruff and other scalp problems like dryness originate deep under the scalp. Washing away visible flakes on the surface does little to treat the root cause, which is a weak and damaged scalp barrier. Thus, dandruff keeps coming back. Experts at Clear understand that scalp is skin. Therefore CLEAR has partnered with the world's leading dermatologists from the International Academy of Dermatology (IACD) to bring the scalp nutrient technology -NEW CLEAR with Nutrium 10 to its consumers.


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