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Clinic Plus

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About Clinic Plus Strong and Long Health Shampoo 174 ml

Every woman, irrespective of her age, desires hair that is long and is also strong from within. These two elements are considered as the hallmarks of beautiful hair. Interestingly, these two characteristics are intertwined with each other. It is true that if your hair is not healthy from inside, it will never increase in length. Tailored to suit this requirement of yours, Clinic Plus has come up its range of shampoos. Clinic Plus is not a new name for an Indian consumer. In the arena of hair care products, especially in the domain of shampoos, legacy of this brand goes a long way. With time, the brand has evolved itself and has come with shampoos that suit the sensibilities of time. Its range of Strong and Long shampoo is exactly meant for this purpose.

This range comes in three variants and one of the variant is called Strong and Long Health shampoo. This shampoo is, especially, designed to maintain healthy conditions of your tresses. Healthiness is the key factor that lies at the heart of beautiful hair. Maintaining the right balance of this factor is the main purpose of this Clinic Plus shampoo. The Strong and Long Health shampoo has been infused with the virtuousness of Milk Protein Lock. This ingredient plays an important role in reconstructing the health of hair. Milk Protein restores the lost strength of hair. Once your hair becomes strong from inside, it gets renewed with a fresh vigiour. The result - hair progressively increases in length. Thus, this Clinic Plus shampoo ensures that you have beautiful long hair. Not just that, your hair feels healthy and exhibits strength that keeps hair problems at bay. You can dazzle now with hair that you have always desired for.



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