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Cherry Blossom Liquid

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About Cherry Blossom Black Liquid Shoe Polish 75 ml

The liquid shoe polish from Cherry Blossom, that is, the Cherry Blossom Black Liquid Shoe Polish shines polishes and restores the appearance of leather shoes or boots. The Cherry Blossom Black Liquid Shoe Polish is available in a squeezable plastic bottle, with a small sponge applicator at the end. The black liquid provides a dark black shine on the shoe. The formula for Cherry Blossom Black Liquid Shoe Polish was developed in the year 1906, to cater for the growing demand for wax boot polish. Along with it came the characteristic penny shaped tin, and the "butterfly" twist opener. Today, as the shoes used have changed to include suede, nubuck, canvas, matt, and oiled leathers. So have the products from Cherry Blossom, which can shine, clean or protect almost any type of footwear. In an Indian context, Cherry Blossom is the leading brand in the Indian shoe-care industry. Cherry Blossom was launched in India in the year 1936 by Reckitt Benckiser. Today, Cherry Blossom has an entire range for shoe-care products such as Wax Polish, Liquid Shoe polish, Canvas cleaner and a sponge shiner called Handy shine. In advertising, Cherry Blossom ran a successful advertising campaign, showing the Charlie Chaplin. This was followed by the campaign which says, "Did you Cherry Blossom your shoes today?"


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