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About Nataraj 621 Pencils 1 pc

Natraj 621 Pencils have been specially designed to ensure that the lead remains sharper over prolonged writing periods. The pencils are intended for sharp, precise writing and drawing, especially used for precise drawings in subjects like math and engineering. They have been designed in alignment with the latest ergonomic standards providing a better and stronger grip. Natraj 621 Pencils are high quality, multi-purpose pencils designed for the maximum user satisfaction with minimum effort. The design of the Natraj 621 Pencil's grip makes it very easy to hold. This gives you better control during writing or drawing and at the same time helps improve your handwriting. The legendary red and black finish of the Natraj 621 Pencils makes it just as pleasing to look at, as it is to use. It has a perfectly centred lead, thus greatly reducing the chances of breakage while sharpening. Its super dark lead makes it the apt choice for drawing, sketching or making blueprints. This is all due to our exhaustive quality control that puts our products through some of the most demanding conditions before we consider them good enough to be introduced into the market.



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