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Act II Popcorn

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About Act II Tomato Chilli Popcorn 59 g

Act II Tomato Chilli Popcorn is mouthwatering popcorn, which is rich in fiber and considered as the filler snacks. Tomato and chilly is an addition to the variety of Act II Instant Popcorn which is a packet containing premix of popping corn, oil and seasoning with a taste of tomato and little bit of chili flakes so as to make the taste little spicy as well as the presence of tomato makes the popcorn little tangy taste. You can get two bowls of hot, crispy popcorn by easily preparing the whole pack in a thick bottomed pan or cooker at home within 3 minutes. Act II Tomato Chilli Popcorn is famous along with other 5 flavours of act II popcorn because of their taste and the easy method of preparing them at home. The whole pack is cost-effectively priced and is a great value for money. Act II Tomato Chilli Popcorn is high in dietary fibers, which are rich in great taste, crunchy and yummy. Act II Tomato Chilli popcorn is one of ready to cook sizzling, healthy and nutritious snacks with the joy of having great fun to share with kids, family, and friends. The addition of tomato and chilly flavor to the act II popcorn makes little transform in the usual snacks eating habits, as the popcorn gets a tangy and spicy taste.



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