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Bingo Tangles

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About Bingo Tangles Masala Tangle 40g

Bingo! Bingo tangles masala tangle provides a unique experience to the consumer each time he/she consumes it from the pack, making him/her go beyond stereotypes and celebrating the eccentricities in life! Bingo! Was launched in March 2007 with verity of exciting range of packed salted snacks. The range includes multiple flavor variants of Potato Chips and Finger Snacks. This brand is associated with youth, fun and joy. It satisfies the consumers by fulfilling their need for variety and novelty in snacks. At present Bingo! Has 3 sub-brands in its portfolio, each of which have unique values based on product differentiators. The latest addition to the Bingo! Portfolio is Bingo! Tangles in masala and tomato flavors. Each piece of this innovative crunchy snack is made out of strands loaded with lip smacking masala or tantalizing tomato flavors. They break into many delicious strands in the mouth. Like no two things in life are similar. Bingo tangles masala tangle is 100% vegetarian and is suitable for all ages. Have then with your friends or family and add some munching to your conversations. So try our Bingo tangles masala tangle today and see the spice it adds to your life.


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