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Bingo Yumitos

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About Bingo Yumitos International Cream & Onion 26g

Bingo is actually an ITC product. ITC since 5 years is adding flavors and happiness to customer's life. Bingo as a brand associates youth fun and excitement with some funny commercials including funny models in the commercials. Bingo international cream and onion are potato chips. They are the crunchiest potato chips with an irresistible combination these chips are liked among consumers. Bingo international cream and onion has an awesome and yummy flavor. They may even tickle your taste buds. These chips have such an irresistible taste that you will surely crave for more. The mouth-watering unique combination of cheese, cream and springy onion gives it vilayati taste. The Bingo international cream and onion potato chips come with an international and attractive packaging. These desi chips come with vilayati flavor. Bingo international cream and onion has no cholesterol with zero trans-fat into it. These chips are a perfect snack among the teens and kids.


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