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Haldiram Chatpata Dal 150 g


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About Haldiram Chatpata Dal 150 g

Haldiram is one of the best known brands that offer you wide range of Sweets and Namkins. Chatpata Dal is one of their spicy and yummy snacks to be liked by most of the people. Haldiram's products are always on the first priority of consumer's choice because of its quality product that comes with nutritional values. Chatpata Dal is one among those item which consists Protein, Carbohydrates, Crude fibres, Calories and Fats. The ingredients that make Haldiram Chatpata Dal more savory are the pleasant blend of Bengal Gram, Pulse, Peanut Oil, Mix Spices, Salt and Citi Acid. Haldiram stuffs are also available in many other mixtures and mini samosas including sweet items.


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