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Haldiram Dal Biji 150 g


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About Haldiram Dal Biji 150 g

Haldiram is the most famous food products manufacturing company in India. Not only in India, Haldiram is also famous for its packaged snacks around the globe. Haldiram's products are exported to several countries. Haldiram Dal Biji is one of the most liked products from the shelves of Haldiram, which is a ready to eat, spicy blend of gram flour noodles, brown lentils, and musk melon. Haldiram Dal Biji is a blend of many spices, and the recipe of Haldiram Dal Biji is taken from the traditional kitchens of India, and its recipe is passed on from one generation to another, this is the thing which makes it the best snack. The best products need best ingredient and which Haldiram Dal Biji contains in it. The ingredients of Haldiram Dal Biji are gram pulse flour, lentils, peanut oil, muskmelon seeds, red chilli, black pepper and many other such specially handpicked ingredients. Haldiram Dal Biji is manufactured in a very hygienic and healthy atmosphere, and the ingredients used in Haldiram Dal Biji has a lip smacking unique and authentic taste of Indian snack which makes it a perfect tea time snack or side dish which is available in an attractive packaging of 20 g bags.


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