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Haldiram Dry Fruit Mix 150 G


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About Haldiram Dry Fruit Mix 150 g

Haldiram Dry Fruit Mix is a special mix of dry fruits and snacks. In Haldiram Dry Fruit Mix there are different types of dry fruits, such as cashew, badam, pista, apricuts, and so on. Dry fruits are the sources of energy; every single fruit has the different delicious taste and proteins. Haldiram Mixed Dried Fruit has all nutritious dry fruits blended and packed hygienically. Haldiras Mixed Dried Fruit has all the proteins packed up in one packet and the dry fruits, like cashew, badam, pista, apricuts and so on make this snack as delicious treat. Haldiram Dry Fruit Mix has all the proteins, vitamins, and fibre with yummy taste. Haldiram's make sure that these dry fruit mixes are well packed in airtight packs which can be preserved for longer days. Haldiram Dry Fruit Mix is available at best and lowest price in whole sale. This dry fruit mix is been exported to several countries across Asia. Usually kids don not eat much of dried fruits so Haldiram Dry Fruit Mix can be given to children as snack to schools. Also, children love snacks and this dry fruit snack can be used as toppings for all Indian vegetarian dishes.


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