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Haldiram Masala Chana 150 g


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About Haldiram Masala Chana 150 g

Haldiram Masala Chana is crispy and crunchy vegetarian snack in India. Masala Chana is made of chana and spicy Indian masalas, which gives you spicy and mouthwatering taste. Chana Masala is also known as chole masala. Chana has the different names in different languages. Chana is one of the best side dish served along with chapathi and poori. Haldiram Masala Chana is been sold with reasonable whole sale and retail price in India. Haldiram Masala Chana is fried with good and edible oil which gives extra crispy and crunch to the snack. There are good nutritions in chana and this snack which is newly introduced gives nutrition plus good health benefits. The masala which is been used in this Haldiram Masala Chana gives the best and spicy taste of Indian homemade spicy masala. Haldiram Chana Masala gives the best combination eating with rice. It can be used as a spicy crunchy side dish also for all the dishes. Haldirams Chana Masala is good and tasty which is also best time pass snack in India. Haldiram Masala Chana can be served with evening coffee which gives us the spicy and crunchy treat for our stomach.


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