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Haldiram Moong Dal 350 g


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About Haldiram Moong Dal 150 g

Haldiram Moong Dal is very famous snack all over India they are the favorite snacks to every person. Haldiram Moong Dal is very tasty, delicious, yummy, and crispy. Haldiram Moong Dal can be served with any dishes. Children also like Haldiram Moong Dal. Haldiram Moong Dal is the largest selling and lowest price product in India. Haldiram Moong Dal has variety flavors, like salty and spicy and it also have a mixed flavor of salty and sweet and sour. Haldiram Moong Dal has no fat and cholesterol.Haldiram Moong Dal has fiber, iron, protein, and nutritions. When Haldiram Moong Dal is soaked in water for 3 to 4 hours it becomes soft and comes out with different taste. Haldiram Moong Dal is a snack to always keep you fresh. It is a refreshing snack in India. Haldiram Moong Dal is available in the form of fried, roasted, spicy, salty, and masala. They taste like home made. The best snack compared to other snack is Haldiram Moong Dal. They are also a traditional snack to be served during tea time. Haldirams Moong Dal is available in different sizes from small sachets to one kilogram packages.



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