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Hamam Soap Neem Tulsi And Aloe Vera 150 g


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About Hamam Soap Neem Tulsi And Aloe Vera 150 g

Hamam is one of the best cleansing products available in the market. Hamam is embraced by mothers and doctors alike, for its purity and safety on skin. Hamam is clinically proven to be mild on your skin. Hamam contains polyols, which are known to be good moisturizers. Hamam also contains Aloe Vera, Tulsi and Neem extracts. Regular usage of Hamam soap helps keeping your family healthy. The soap contains 100% natural and ayurvedic ingridients. Hamam soap is skin friendly and is suitable for all skin types. It provides long lasting protection from various skin infections. It fights germs and protects you from pollution in the environment. Hamam soap is one of the India's best selling brand. These are processed using latest tecnology for total adherence to the global quality standard. Hamam soap's hygiene specialist helps prevent numerous infectious diseases caused by various factors. As an antibacterial soap, washing our hands with Hamam Soap is proven to be an effective solution against many infections. The soap bar provides ten times better protection against disease causing pathogens. The formula protects against bacteria better than normal soap bars. It comes with a pleasant odour. The soap is recommended by many doctors.



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