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Henko Stain Champion Powder 3 kg


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About Henko Stain Champion Powder 3 kg

Henko has always progressed to provide to the rising desires of Indian family especially of Indian housewives. Henko Stain Champion Powder guarantees excellent washing, bright white clothes and helps boost your confidence by providing spotless clean clothes. Henko Stain Champion Powder plays an essential part in aiding us to look good by giving us fresh and clean clothes. The washing powder dissolves quickly in water due to its fine particles. These particles strike the dirt areas and remove the stains, giving fabrics a new, shiny look. Henko Stain Champion Powder cleans the clothes without causing any harm to the elasticity or strength of the fabric. Due to its all new formula, it is has become an ultimate solution for all cleaning needs in a family. Henko Stain Champion has an advanced detergent formula which is suitable for all kinds of clothes. Henko Stain champion, as the name suggests is a champion in its catogery.


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