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Horlicks Vanilla Taste For Mothers 500 g


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Horlicks Vanilla

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About Horlicks Vanilla Taste For Mothers 500 g

Horlicks is a brand from Glaxo smith that has been providing good nutrition to people for years. Horlicks Original for Mothers is a wonderful product for nursing mothers. A woman's body requires and lot of nutrition during the nursing period. Horlicks Original for Mothers fulfills this requirement by supplying essential nutrients that can be easily absorbed by the body.Designed by the Horlicks nutrition academy, Horlicks Original for Mothers is specially designed for pregnant and nursing mothers.Enriched with 27 vital nutrients like DHA, Choline, multi-vitamin and minerals, Horlicks Original for Mothers is a complete food. It also contains the required quantity of protein which vegetarians usually do not get from regular food. Horlicks Original for Mothers contains no sugar and is ideal for calorie conscious and diabetic people. Horlicks Original for Mothers is proven to improve quality of breast milk and aids all-round development of the baby.



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