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Kiwi Wax Rich Colour Shine Instant Polish Brown 75 ml


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Kiwi Wax Shine

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About Kiwi Wax Rich Colour Shine Instant Polish Brown 75 ml

Choose the best, use the finest product to polish and shine your Shoes, get Kiwi Wax Rich Colour Shine Instant Polish Brown. Polish up your shoes to cover them up with the Instant shine. Leather shoes or boots - you wear them everyday and like them to look good. If you do not take care of your shoes they will dry, crack, and eventually start to fall apart. By using KIWI leather shoe care products you will make sure they are shiny, protected and well cared for. KIWI leather products put the shine back into your shoes, so you can put your best foot forward, day in, day out. In 2006, the Kiwi team helped distribute 100,000 pairs of shoes to people in need in Africa. In 2009, Kiwi, with the help of soccer superstar Samuel Eto'o, looks forward to beating this benchmark.



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