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Lays Spanish Tomato Tango 26 g


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About Lays Spanish Tomato Tango 26 g

People getting bored with the earlier flavours, Lays have recently attracted the potato chips lovers with its latest flavour Lays Spanish Tomato Tango. Along with the famous film star Saif Ali Khan, the people of the rest of the world are being mesmerized by the spicy taste of Spanish Tomato Tango. As shown in the advertisement of this famous flavour, the Spanish Tomato Tango is indeed the perfect partner to hang out with. The bright fire red colour of the packet itself symbolizes the spice and colour of the tomato. The lightly spiced katsup is the best way to describe the stronger and complex tomato flavour. The ingredients comprise of finely cut potatoes, cinnamon, capsicum, ginger and of course the sun kissed tomato and the variety of spices make it more seasoning. Lays Spanish Tomato Tango is free from Tran's fats and is cooked in healthier oil. It is suitable for vegetarians as it is made up of tomato. This particular type of chips is made from the natural flavouring agent. So never forget to have a pack of Lay's Spanish Tomato Tango in your backpack while on an outing or wherever you go and enjoy your "program" with the others.



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