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Lehar Bikaneri Bhujia 1 Kg


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About Lehar Bikaneri Bhujia 1 Kg

A typical adda session especially during the rainy evening is incomplete without a hot cup of tea and the Lehar Bikaneri Bhujia. The great tasting high quality Indian and fresh bhujia becomes the best friend at the snacks time. Originated back to 1887 AD the Bikaner Bhujia industry maintains the tradition of bhujia making and is famous in the whole world. Along with the rice bran oil, lentils, edible oils, the salty well water which is available only in Rajasthan adds the special flavour to the Lehar Bikaneri Bhujia. It also contains 40 percent less saturated fats than the regular namkeens. Among all the namkeen or bhujia brands the Bikaner bhujia always occupies the top most position. This bhujia is specially a hit snacks among the people who are in the diet as it is contains a bit low fat with the same taste and zero trans-fats. They are specially packed to keep the bhujia crispy for a longer period of time. The children can also enjoy the spice of bhujia apart from their daily diet as it does not consume much oil. Before wasting much time, hurry and get a packet and enjoy the taste of amazing bhujia.


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