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Maaza Bottle 600 ml


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About Maaza Bottle 600 ml

The rich aroma and the mouth watering taste of the mangoes makes this fruit the most popular one amongst every other mango drink. Unfortunately, this delectable taste of the mangoes can be savoured only in certain time of the year as mangoes are typically seasonal fruit. To satiate this mango thirst all throughout the year there is, however, a saviour in the form of Maaza. This drink has brought the essence of mangoes in the form of a bottled juice that can be enjoyed all the time anywhere.

Indian customers are not new to this mango drink. Since 1970s Maaza has featured as the favourite drink of every India. Infact, it was one of the first mango drinks that came in India and has successfully managed to woo everyone till now. Made from mango pulp, this juice features a rich colour and aroma so that the consumers can get the feel what is best in mangoes. Maaza is high on quality and it is evident from its thick texture and the wholesomeness that it provides once it is consumed. There is no fat component in this drink that makes the beverage all the more suitable for drink because it will keep one's health and body in good shape This mango drink comes in an attractive package and is apt for consumption even outside home.

Nutrition Facts
In every 100 ml of this delicacy fruit drink one can derive energy of 54 kcal, 13.5 mg of carbohydrate and 13g of sugar. Thus it does not soothe and cool your mind, the beverage infuses instant energy to keep one revitalised and all active.



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