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Maiyas Palak Sticks Namkeen 190 g


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About Maiyas Palak Sticks Namkeen 190 g

Palak Sticks are the best delectable namkeens offered by Maiyas, a known and reputed brand to offer various tasty, salty namkeens. Palak Sticks are somethings that are very crispy and delightful, indeed an yummy snacks to load the stomach with. Maiyas is a very much known and reputed branded company of South India. The company is highly in focused because of the quality products they deliver in the market. Maiyas has achieved a great success in maintaining traditional and typical authentic and spicy taste of India. It belongs to one of those largest food processing companies in the country.The products manufactured by Maiyas are all made from the best possible and hygienic ingredients.


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