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Oral B Crossaction Superior Clean Medium Toothbrush 1 pc


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Oral B

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About Oral B Crossaction Superior Clean Medium Toothbrush 1 pc

Tight spaces in the mouth region are the toughest places for normal brushes to reach. But it is also the easiest place for the formation of most of the germs and plaques. All toothbrushes with straight bristles tussle to reach between them. But Oral B Crossaction Superior Clean bristles attacks germs and plaques from an optimal angle of 16 degrees which is regarded as the perfect angle when it comes to brushing your teeth. It does, without a doubt, a better job than the straight-bristled toothbrushes. Plus Superior Cleans has tongue cleaner which helps remove those germs located in your tongue. It crisscross bristle are angled in opposing directions such a way that it easily lifts out and sweeps away germs. The soft gum stimulators present are positioned in 2 rows in opposing directions is designed in a way to bend and then straighten, which in turn actively helps in penetrating between the teeth and along the gum line. Its textured tongue cleaner situated at the back helps clean between teeth in hard-to-reach areas. Its crisscross bristles helps in removing upto 99.99% of the germs in hard to reach places. It keeps your mouth fresh throughout the day. This Oral B toothbrush helps reduce gingivitis, thereby improving gum health in less than a month and offers up to 60% better cleaning along the gum line. It removes odor-creating plaques from the tongue and polishes teeth. The Oral B Crossaction Superior Clean Medium toothbrush is now available in twin pack at a reasonable price.


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