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Ponds Sandal Radiance Talc 300 g


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Ponds Talc

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About Ponds Sandal Radiance Talc 300 g

Protecting the skin against the heat of the sun is a job that is difficult in itself, but maintaining a fresh and dry skin without sweat is a task that is extremely important and tough especially during the peak of summer. Using skin creams is often not considered a good idea since it makes the skin look oily and gives it an oily texture. Sunscreens often do the same. The best way to deal with this problem is through talc, or talcum powders. Ponds Sandal Radiance is one such talc recommended by users worldwide. It has a smooth texture and a formula which acts smoothly upon the skin. Considered suitable for normal and oily skins, Ponds Sandal Radiance provides heat protection and a natural glow to the skin during the day, and prevents sweat to a great extent. Made with the essence of sandal, this talc provides a soft and cool feeling to the skin. It prevents the skin from heating up and leading to sweating and other side effects during summer. It is often referred to as the natural sunscreen in advertisements. The sandal in Sandal Radiance also provides the person using it with the gentle and soothing aroma of sandal, keeping them fresh through the harsh summer heat.


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