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Real Cranberry Juice 1 Ltr


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About Real Cranberry Juice 1 Ltr

Cranberry also fondly referred as 'super fruit' is a great source of nourishment.The juice of this exotic fruit from North America is extremely delicious and at the same time is of great importance to our body. Cranberry is especially vital for dealing with urinary tract infection that can not only be cured but also can be prevented by this juice. Not only that, the juice is important to provide the body with vitamin C and pectin. Real has brought the goodness of this fruit in its Cranberry Juice to enable the users to splurge in its advantages without any hassles.

Real has made this juice with finest cranberries that have been selected with great care to offer the users with utmost satisfaction all throughout the year. This gives the juice a mouth watering taste and at the same time powers it with the virtuousness of the cranberries. This 'fruit power' element of this Real juice makes it apt particularly for children as well as for grown-up kids and keeps them energized for the entire day. It is also ideal for adults as the fat element in this cranberry juice is almost negligible. There is also no added colour or preservatives in the juice and this makes it a great option for healthy living. To retain the freshness, Real has further packaged the product well and it comes in a six layer tetra pack.

Nutrition Facts
Real Cranberry juice is enriched with a number of important nutrient elements that are essential to maintain a healthy body. Every 100 ml of this juice has 63.2 Kcal of energy, 0.03g of protein, 16g of carbohydrates, 39 mg of sodium, 10mg of potassium, 17mg of calcium as well as 1.4mg of iron. These are all imperative components for keeping the various functions of the body in perfect order.


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