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Santoor White Soap 4 Pack 125 g


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About Santoor White Soap 4 Pack 125 g

The Santoor White soap, brought to you by Wipro, is one of the most popular and sought after beauty soaps in India. This all-natural soap combines the goodness of two-premium ingredients; sandalwood and almond milk, to give the you the most nourishing and luxurious way to enhance the bathing experience for clear and glowing skin. The Santoor White soap presents an easy and irresistible way to pamper yourself with benefits of natural ingredients for a long lating freshness. Its 100% natural ingredients lets your hidden beauty shine right through to make you the center of atrraction. All this with the added everyday convenience of a beauty soap means it takes care of your skin and your time. So go ahead, be successful, be energetic, be the woman of today, and let the Santoor White soap take care of your skin.



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