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Slice Bottle 500 ml


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About Slice Bottle 500 ml

There is nothing that can beat the juicy and luscious taste of a delicious mango. No wonder, mango drink has always caught the fantasy of the people of India However, mango being a seasonal fruit, the pleasure becomes restricted to only certain parts of the year. That does not stop one to desire for this fruit. To have pure pleasure of mango in all season Pepsi Co has introduced Slice. Now with this, one can splurge in the sinful delight of pure mango juice and the mango indulgence can now go unperturbed without the boundary of season.

Made with pure mango pulp including that of the delectable Alphonso mangoes, this beverage brings to its buyers a mouth watering fruit drink that scores high on its quality content. There is another great advantage associated with this drink - it is naturally fat free. This makes this product healthy and ideal for consumption for everyone even for those who are conscious about weight issues. The packaging is also smart and sports an attractive graphics. It is also ideal for storage as well as mobile consumption.

Nutrition Facts
100 ml content in every Slice pack offers 73 Kcal of energy, 18.1g of carbohydrate and sugar including that of natural fruit sugar of 17.3 g. Thus one can derive a lot of energy post the intake of this juice that can keep the body truly revitalised. Thus drinking this juice is definitely much better than gulping down the aerated drinks and can provide an ideal wholesome refreshment that can fill your body as well as the mind.



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