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Sunfeast Marie Light Orange 120 g


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About Sunfeast Marie Light Orange 120 g

Biscuits are one most important snack on which we bank upon every time at every age. Be it work breaks, hunger pangs between meals, a craving short and quick snack or a savior during travel when you don't want to upset your stomach by eating unpacked unhealthy food, a pack of biscuits always comes for a rescue. Sunfeast is a well known, famous and mush reputed brand for biscuits, which is backed and comes under the huge umbrella of much known and reputed brand ITC. Sunfeast offers a vast range of biscuits to match our requirements on different occasions on a daily basis. Sunfeast biscuits are liked by everybody be it a child, adult or old aged people. Every body cherishes the amazing taste and flavor of Sunfeast biscuits. The first of its kind in India, Sunfeast Marie Light Orange is enriched with the goodness of natural wheat fibre along with a light aroma and flavor of orange. Along with a yummy flavor which tastes best with any beverage, Sunfeast Marie Light Orange is the best snack to bank upon, as along with a feeling of fullness it's very healthy as well.


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