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Tropicana Apple Juice 1 Ltr


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About Tropicana Apple Juice 1 Ltr

Apple juice is a loved product across the world for its delectable taste and also for the numerous benefits that it accrues to keep one healthy and strong. Infact, there is a common saying that 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'. Tropicana's has brought the best of apples in its Apple Fruit juice beverage so that by taking a glass of this juice one can stay fit and fine as well as can have overall well being.

In this juice beverage one can get the wholesomeness of apples with all its virtues and the same time can splurge in its savouriness. Thus whether one wants to satiate their thirst or need to fulfill their appetite in between the meals, this juice is just apt for every time. There is no preservative in this Tropicana juice so that the natural taste of apples can be enjoyed. This juice has no such elements that can create adverse effects on the body and hence can be a part of one's daily diet. To promote healthy living further the fat element in the beverage is also kept negligible and therefore the product can be taken by people across all ages. To maintain the optimum quality, the product is hygienically processed that keeps the taste and quality intact. To maintain the freshness Tropicana has even packaged the juice in a special six layer pack.

Nutrition Facts
This Tropicana apple juice is full of nutritious substances like sodium and potassium. The latter element is extremely important for the growth of our body cell. Along with that, there is a right mix of carbohydrates, energy, protein and sugar. Every 100 ml of the juice has approximately 48 Kcal of energy, 12g of carbohydrate, 0.1 g of protein, 2 mg of sodium with 14 mg of potassium.



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