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Tropicana Cranberry Twirl 1 Ltr


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About Tropicana Cranberry Twirl 1 Ltr

Cranberries are truly wonder fruits if you consider the advantages that it entails on our health and body. The fruit is a rich source of vitamin C and pectin. Most importantly it has the amazing property to get rid of the urinary tract infection. It basically flushes out the bacteria and gives quick relief in case one is suffering from the ordeals of the problem. Tropicana, one of the leading juice brands recognised globally has brought the magic of this fruit in its fruit juice beverage Cranberry Twirl. This has a yummy taste and also has properties that your health can greatly derive benefits from.

Prepared with the finest cranberries across the world, this juice has been made to give you the best. Tropicana has always made quality products and this beverage is no exception. The enriched colour and texture of the beverage is a testimony to it. Not just the content, quality has also been maintained in the way it has been packed. For this, a six layered pack has been designed for this juice that gives the beverage a special protective lining. This keeps the juice fresh, germ free and this also helps in preserving its natural goodness. Added with it, is the lack of artificial elements in the juice that makes it fit for consumption for everyone. Cranberry Twirl has no added preservatives that make it a real winner. You can get the high-quality juice taste as well as the nutritive elements with no hassle and no worries about any harmful effects.


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