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Tropicana Guava Juice 1 Ltr


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About Tropicana Guava Juice 1 Ltr

Healthy body starts with healthy food habits and what better to do so than including a glass full of juice that is packed with nourishing substances. Juice is definitely the healthiest form of liquid that one can have. Especially if one is sweltering and do not feel like eating, sipping juice can be the most relaxing thing. If it is a guava juice then there is also the privilege of enjoying numerous advantages that will keep you fit and fine. Guava juice has nutritive elements that are needed to keep the vital organs in our body in proper functioning order. It helps to combat infections, keeps the digestive in great shape and even fights cancerous cells. Tropicana has come up with the wonders of this fruit in its Guava fruit juice beverage.

This juice is made from handpicked juices of the guava so that you can get the goodness that is there in the real guava itself. It is crafted naturally and artificial elements like added preservatives do not figure in this juice. This makes it great for consumption for all. To keep the juice quality intact, Tropicana has packed the contents of the guava juice quite innovatively. It comes in a special pack that has six layers especially to keep the juice free from any contamination as well to keep the content in state-of-the-art condition.



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