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Tropicana Mango Juice 200 ml


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About Tropicana Mango Juice 200 ml

Drink the fresh packaged Juice with the natural flavor of Mango, Tropicana Mango Juice is available in a hygienically fresh packed. Mango is one of the most amazing fruits with an extreme taste. Tropica Mango Juice is extracted from the real fruit that has got a heart filling taste. Tropicana is a leading Brand to offer natural and real Packaged Juices or Drinks to refresh and quench your thirst. The brand sustain to select the best fruit to manufacture high-quality juices and original products, by using innovative processes. The Mango Drink has been made from pure juice that has got slightly pasteurized in order to extend its shelf life. Drink fresh and feel the smooth consistency of the real Tropicana Mango Juice.


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